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Our  priority at is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality products and the finest customer service. We collect information that allows us to process your orders and personalize your shopping experience on our Website
We fully understand how important information secrecy is for each of our customers and partners. Thus, our main target is for full secrecy and protection of your information. We shall never use any obtained information commercially, share or sell it to any third parties. Our main goal is ensuring maximum comfort to our customers, and therefore you may be absolutely sure that we shall provide complete information secrecy.
Account Registration and Online Purchases - At the time when you register for an account and make a purchase on our Website, we collect and store your name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, fax number and E-Mail address (hereinafter referred to collectively as “personal information”) and other information as indicated on the account registration form. We will also ask you to choose a password, which we will collect and store, so you may have secure access to your account at any time. You will receive you confirmation E-Mails when you register for a new account and when you make a purchase. We will also send you E-Mails to update the status of any pending order. When we have any questions concerning your order, we use your personal information to contact you. In addition, we may send you E-Mails to collect ratings, feedback, or testimonials related to your purchase.

If you decided to purchase  artwork from our website, please do the following:

1. Click Add to Basket link below right of the chosen artwork. After viewing the total price of the Item,  click on Order button. Please fill all  fields on the Address form, click Next. Click on PayPal logo to make your payment. All your choosen artworks will remain in your basket untill you make a payment or cancel the order.

2.  Upon receipt of your  order payment  we contact you by phone or email. Based upon the data submitted by you, we will prepare information for the shipping. The purchased item will be sent to any of the addresses specified by you.


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