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NZR003 RM30 Aotea

Warwick Annear NZR RM30 'Aotea'

NZR RM30 'Aotea' railcar is preserved at the Silver Stream Railway, Hutt Valley, NZ.

Warwick Annear NZR RM30 'Aotea'

A total of six NZR RM class Standard Railcars were built in the NZR Hutt Workshops in 1938 and 1939, each with a semi-streamlined design featuring slanting ends. Driving controls were located at each end of the railcar so that they did not have to be turned.

RM30 'Aotea' holds the record for the covering the NIMT (Auckland to Wellington), attained in 1967, in a time of 9 hours and 26 minutes (running time 8 hours and 42 minutes). 'Aotea' was withdrawn in 1972 and is preserved in working condition on the Silver Stream Railway, Hutt Valley, NZ.

This Limited Edition print (based on a pencil drawing) is personally signed and numbered by the artist and is printed on A3 size silk finish 180gsm paper suitable for framing. The paper is archival quality (said to last for 200 years)

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